Want to Boost the Energy Efficiency of Your Home or Business?

Want to Boost the Energy Efficiency of Your Home or Business?

Start by installing a silicone roof membrane in Fryeburg, ME, and Mount Washington Valley

You can get short- and long-term savings by installing a roofing membrane. Portanova Roofing, Inc. North installs roofing membranes for property managers and commercial building owners in Fryeburg, ME. We apply GACO and APOC roof coatings to your commercial and industrial roofs. We carry the longest warranties available for all manufacturers.

You can work with us to install a silicone roof membrane that:

  • Reduces heat transfer in and out of your building
  • Lessens the strain on your HVAC system
  • Allows your HVAC system to use energy more efficiently

Plus, it'll also add 25 years to the life span of your roof and give you a tax benefit. Call 207-256-4578 now for a free estimate.

Did you know that the IRS classifies installing a roofing membrane as roof maintenance? That means that it's tax-deductible. Replacing your roof, on the other hand, isn't classified the same way.

A silicone roof membrane installation can usually be expensed in the accounting period in which we complete it. Contact us today to find out more about this tax advantage.