Want to Boost the Energy Efficiency of Your Home or Business?

Want to Boost the Energy Efficiency of Your Home or Business?

Start by installing a silicone roof membrane in Fryeburg, ME, Conway, NH, and Mount Washington Valley

You can get short- and long-term savings by installing a roofing membrane. Portanova Roofing, Inc. North installs roofing membranes for property managers and commercial building owners in Fryeburg, ME & Conway, NH. We apply GACO and APOC roof coatings to your commercial and industrial roofs. We carry the longest warranties available for all manufacturers.

You can work with us to install a silicone roof membrane that:

  • Reduces heat transfer in and out of your building
  • Lessens the strain on your HVAC system
  • Allows your HVAC system to use energy more efficiently

Plus, it'll also add 25 years to the life span of your roof and give you a tax benefit. Call 603-986-7818 now for a free estimate.

Did you know that the IRS classifies installing a roofing membrane as roof maintenance? That means that it's tax-deductible. Replacing your roof, on the other hand, isn't classified the same way.

A silicone roof membrane installation can usually be expensed in the accounting period in which we complete it. Contact us today to find out more about this tax advantage.